Discover Scuba

  • $35.00

Open Water

  • $299.00 (group)

  • $500.00 (private)

Advanced Open Water

  • $255.00 (includes crew pack)


  • $300.00 (includes crew pack)

Dive Master

  • $600.00 (includes crew pack)

Specialty Courses

  • $ 100.00 for basic specialty (night diving, wreck diving, etc.)

  • $250.00 for advanced specialty (nitrox, deep diving etc.)

First Aid & CPR

  • $50.00 (if you have a large group call for group rate)

Aqua Sports has an excellent safety rating with over 2200 people certified, because we have the most qualified instructors in the industry. We have a lot of fun and we extend an invitation for you to come experience it. We will work around any schedule in order to meet your needs even if it means coming to you.

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